Mission Statement and aims of Tippy Toes Pre-School:

“To provide high quality childcare and education in an environment that is safe and stimulating. A place where learning takes place through play and everyone is treated as an individual.”

  • To provide high quality Pre-School education.
  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop their potential, whilst becoming independent and active learners.
  • To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, develop children’s moral understanding and use encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour.
  • To build each child’s self-esteem together with mutual care and respect for others.
  • Value each child as an individual with his/her own needs and personality.
  • To encourage a positive attitude with respect towards racial origins, religions, differences of gender and disabilities within the Pre-School environment by practising our equal opportunities policy.
  • To work in close partnership with Redmarley Primary Academy and other Primary schools.
  • Rising five’s attend induction sessions, aiding their transition to full-time education.