Additional hours – All hours over the funding allowance are charged at £5.00 per hour.

Leaving Pre-School – If your child leaves the Pre-School we require four weeks’ notice. All fees remain payable during such notice period.

Non attendance – If your child does not turn up for sessions without payment and/or making contact with the Pre-School, we will only hold your child’s place for a maximum of two weeks, after which your child’s place will be terminated.

Late collection – Late collection occurs when a parent/carer arrives AFTER 15:00, we do appreciate that emergencies happen and we will do our best to support parents/carers, however, in all but extreme circumstances a late charge will still apply.  These charges are to cover staff overtime as two members of staff have to remain on the premises until the child is collected and also to ensure that the staff: child ration remains adequate. The late collection charge will be £5.00 per child for every five minutes that the parent/carer is late, as shown on our Pre-School clock.